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2 January, 2017



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Where most powerful computers look like they stepped off the set of Terminator, the Volta V offers a refreshing new take on the gaming PC. Produced by Computer Direct Outlet in South Carolina, Volta V is the first commercially-produced computer featuring a hardwood chassis made from domestically-sourced trees, and it’s inspired by honestly-made wooden furniture. Each one is outfitted to custom specifications, creating a workstation that is perfect for professionals, gamers, and those interested in a powerful statement piece for their desk. If you would like to recieve a Volta V for review, please contact Gary Underwood at [email protected]


It isn’t Computer Direct Outlet’s first rodeo. Born in 1997, Computer Direct Outlet has been creating custom computers with lifetime service warranties ever since. In 2011, Underwood and his team of designers and engineers started designing a computer that could support high-end programs yet maintain speed and quality graphics. After years of prototyping designs and operations, Underwood released the Volta, which became a hit among architects, photographers, graphic designers and other professionals using high-end programs. Underwood and his team spent 15 months designing and prototyping many versions of the Volta V. “The process was very exciting and frustrating, because for every problem we solved, two more would just crop up. But we wanted to design something that was sustainable and durable,” Underwood said. It was a success, resulting in the Volta V: just as powerful as it is beautiful.


  • Made from selectively-cut USA grown unibody hardwood chassis
  • Unique form factor is makes your desk more ergonomic and beautiful.
  • Powerful modular components make Volta V a good fit for gaming, engineering, and design.
  • A lifetime limited service warranty with proactive upgrades means Volta is useful longer and helps prevent e-waste
  • Volta V is designed with fine craftsmanship, tested parts and a new dust filtration system to be a beautiful and long lasting addition to your desk.


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Selected Articles

  • "Volta V hardwood PC is a sustainable, elegant choice for your home or office"
    - Mark Coppock, Digital Trends

Volta V Press release
Press release for the Volta V volta.computer.

About CDO Technology

We create game-enthusiast systems, consumer, and business class computers and servers. Additionally, we are a parts retailer and a service center operating in Greenville, South Carolina. We offer a lifetime labor warranty on every custom-built computer, and aim to provide eco-friendly and sustainable practices of being transparent with technical information and life extension through cost-effective maintenance and upgrades. We have over 20,000 parts in our in-store inventory, service mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, and do data recovery, backups, and transfers as well.

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Volta V Credits

Gary Underwood

Ty Underwood
Lead Designer

Dale Woodard
Lead Engineer


[email protected]

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